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UMB Policy on Intellectual Property

Research   |   Approved July 1, 2002

Responsible VP/AVP

James L. Hughes, MBA

Policy Statement

University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) adopts the University System of Maryland (USM) POLICY ON INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY (IV - 3.20) approved by the Board of Regents February 8, 2002. The following are the UMB policy and procedures for implementing the USM Intellectual Property Policy.

Implementation Procedure

This policy will be effective July 1, 2002 ("Effective Date"). It will apply to all intellectual property disclosed to UMB on or after the Effective Date. Intellectual property disclosed to the University prior to the Effective Date will remain subject to the UMS Policy on Patents effective May 31, 1990 or the UMS Policy on Copyrights effective May 31, 1990, unless otherwise agreed by the University and all creators of the intellectual property (or the heir or assignee of any creator's share of Revenue).

Initial Point of Contact

The UMB Vice President for Research and Development, or designee, will be the initial point of contact for intellectual property policy issues at UMB.

Guidelines for Use of Copyrighted Materials

Guidelines for use of copyrighted materials are in UMB Policy IV - 3.10(A) - UMB GUIDELINES ON REPRODUCTION OF COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS (Approved by the Board of Regents, May 31, 1990) (Approved by the President, June 1989).

Technology-mediated Instructional Materials

Section VII of the USM Policy on Intellectual Property applies to technology-mediated instructional materials.

Guidelines for Use of Campus Share of Net Revenue

If practicable, eighty-five percent of UMB's share of Net Revenue will be designated for research in the inventor's department or analogous unit up to $100,000 in a fiscal year. The remaining Net Revenue shall be allocated as directed by the President, or designee.

Guidelines for Publicizing Campus Policy

This policy will be posted on the UMB campus policy website page.

Annual Policy Review

This policy shall be reviewed annually and may be amended by the President with approval of the Chancellor.

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