Human Resources Policies


UMB Policy on Annual Leave for Regular Nonexempt and Exempt Staff Employees

Human Resources   |   Approved December 19, 1994

Responsible VP/AVP

Dawn M. Rhodes, DBA, MBA

Revision History

Revised 12/19/94

Policy Statement

  1. Each department may establish guidelines and procedures for requests and approval of annual leave to meet operational requirements. Failure of an employee to follow department guidelines and procedures may be cause for denying the request and/or charging the employee with unauthorized absence. Employees who are charged with an unauthorized absence may also be subject to administrative/disciplinary action.
  2. The leave taken must be recorded on the employee's official timekeeping records.
  3. If the last pay period in a calendar year overlaps with the first pay period of the following calendar year, the time is extended to the end of that pay period for the 50 maximum work days that may be carried into the new calendar year as stated in Section II of the USM policy.
  4. Requests for advanced annual leave, in accordance with Section III of the USM policy should be directed to the departmental appointing authority, the President's designee, for consideration.
  5. Requests for payment of denied annual leave, in accordance with Section IV of the USM policy, must be submitted for review to the Employee/Labor Relations, Human Resource Services. After review, a recommendation will be forwarded to the President who will render the final decision on the request. It is generally the university's position not to grant requests for payment of unused annual leave except at the time of separation from employment. Requests should be limited to rare occasions with extremely unusual circumstances.
  6. In accordance with Section V of the USM policy, all leave for an employee transferring departments within UMB, to another University System of Maryland institution, or changing employment categories must be transferred to the new department and/or campus. The transfer of leave is completed with the processing of the payroll entry, which relocates the records to the new department.
  7. Questions regarding annual leave should be directed to Employee/Labor Relations, Human Resource Services.
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