Human Resources Policies


UMB Policy on Work Schedules for Regular Exempt Employees

Human Resources   |   Approved July 1, 2009

Responsible VP/AVP

Dawn M. Rhodes, DBA, MBA

Revision History

Effective September 10, 2000; amended July, 2009

Policy Statement

  1. Exempt employees are expected to work the schedule required to complete assignments. Managers of exempt staff are expected to establish regular work schedules to insure the performance and completion of assignments. Regular work schedules may be changed at the discretion of the manager to meet operational needs. Managers are expected to put into writing any changes to regular work schedules.
  2. The University will institute a time recording system based on scheduled work days. An employee is required to note the total hours worked on each scheduled work day. The work can be performed either at the university or while performing university business at another pre-approved location. The employee is responsible to charge an appropriate leave source or to work the hours necessary to meet the requirement of at least an 80 hour schedule (full-time) for the payroll period. Minor variations to the regular work schedule may be handled informally between the manager and the exempt employee.
  3. Except for personal leave, managers may approve and deny the use of leave.
  4. Managers are responsible to track the performance and productivity of exempt staff as it relates to work schedules and to counsel and evaluate employees with respect to work habits. After consultation with Human Resource Services, a manager may implement a more detailed time recording system than the one described in paragraph 2 if there are specific concerns about an employee's work habits.
  5. The employee and the manager should discuss and agree in writing to telework arrangements. Telework arrangements may be approved by a manager if consistent with operational needs. Telework arrangements are terminable at the discretion of the manager.
  6. Because exempt employees are expected to work a schedule consistent with the requirements of the job and assignments, the university does not provide compensatory leave.
  7. Questions regarding these Guidelines and Procedures should be directed to Employee/Labor Relations, Human Resource Services.
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