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UMB Policy/Guidelines/Procedures for Layoff

Human Resources

Responsible VP/AVP

Dawn M. Rhodes, DBA, MBA

Policy Statement

  1. To initiate a layoff, the department should complete and send a request for layoff form to the Director of Compensation and Staffing, Human Resource Services, outlining the affected job titles and the reason for the layoff. Staffing and Career Services will verify the appropriate employees to be affected and after review with the department, will proceed to request approval from the President and or designee. Procedure and forms for requesting layoff may be found under "Procedures for Requesting Layoff" at

  2. When several categories of employees are paid from the same revenue source, the following is the order of release and layoff at UMB:


    1. If and When Needed employees (Contingent Category I)
    2. Temporary employees
    3. Contingent Category II Employees
    4. Regular employees
  3. All layoff requests are thoroughly reviewed by representatives from Employee/Labor Relations, Legal Counsel and Staffing and Career Services. Upon review of this group recommended layoffs are then forwarded for the approval of the President or designee. Sufficient lead-time for this review process should be allowed.
  4. Upon approval of the President or designee, Staffing and Career Services will notify the department and provide additional information in order to proceed with the layoff.
  5. For employees who are included in the nonexempt employee unit and subject to the Memorandum of Understanding, the University will notify AFSCME, the exclusive bargaining representative, of a lay-off one week prior to the presentation of the action to the affected nonexempt employee(s).

  6. The steps involved in the layoff/outplacement process are:
    1. Consultation for Supervisors with the Director or designee for Staffing and Career Services.
    2. Consultation for laid off employee(s) with Staffing and Career Services on reinstatement/ options; and career options.
    3. Consultation for laid off employee(s) with a Benefits Specialist on benefits options.
  7. Official notification is initiated once the President/or designee has approved the layoff request and AFSCME has been notified of the layoff of a nonexempt employee. The notice period does not become effective until the employee has received official notification. All laid off employees are entitled to a minimum 90-day notice.
  8. During the notice period the affected employee is not required to use annual or accrued holiday leave but the employee may be required to use holidays that occur during that 90-day notice period. All accrued holiday and annual leave is paid out upon termination. Based on policy, accrued sick and personal leave are not paid out.
  9. During the notice period, the employee is required to continue working unless an exception is granted by the President or designee.

Questions should be directed to the Staffing and Career Services Department of the Office of Human Resource Services (410) 706-7171.

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