Management Advisory Services (MAS) Procedures

Requests for MAS Services

Financial Affairs, Management Advisory Services   |   Approved July 9, 2015


Submit request to Management Advisory Services (MAS) for specialized services including reviews, training, or general informational sessions.


University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) management level employees requesting MAS services on behalf of their school, department, or division.


  1. Determine what type of review or training your school/department/division needs.
    1. Types of review:
      1. Procurement Card (P-Card)
      2. Study Participant Payments (SPP)
      3. Audit follow-up
      4. Departmental process
      5. Other
    2. Types of training:
      1. P-Card Refresher
      2. SPP Informational
      3. Surviving an Audit Informational
      4. Internal Control
      5. Custom training
  2. Email MAS to initiate request.  Request should include the following information:
    1. Full name and contact information of requesting manager;
    2. Correlating school, department, or division;
    3. Specific details or purpose of request;
    4. Desired time frame for the review or training; and
    5. Contact information of the appropriate person to discuss and schedule the request.
      1. MAS will contact that person regarding the request within 2-3 business days.
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