Management Advisory Services (MAS) Procedures

Register for Audit Preparedness Training and Self Assessments

Financial Affairs, Management Advisory Services   |   Approved July 9, 2015


Register for Management Advisory Services (MAS) trainings or perform self-assessments.


Employees at University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) may review a range of financial documents, approve or process financial transactions or be responsible for certain business practices, depending on your organizational duties, specific classes or assessments may be of assistance.

The following classes are offered:

  • Internal Control Training: Those who authorize or process any financial transactions for the UMB.
  • Procurement Card (P-Card) Refresher Training: Current Cardholders and Reviewers.
  • Surviving an Audit: UMB faculty and staff who want to learn more about the audit process.

Additional review can be performed through self-assessments.



  1. Review the Enterprise Systems Training Enrollment Database to see current available catalog (Internal Control Training, P-Card Training, Surviving an Audit , etc.).
    1. If a desired course is not offered, email MAS to request a specific course.
  2. Register for your desired course.
    1. Changes may be made to course registration through enrolled courses on homepage.  If you need further assistance, email the training team.
  3. Review training slides and documents as needed.


  1. Review available self-assessment forms on the MAS website.
  2. If completing the UMB General Controls Checklist:
    1. The goal is to be able to check “YES” for each statement.
    2. If you cannot check “YES” with certainty, spend extra attention on this area to ensure there is not an opportunity for fraud.
  3. For help with answering questions on any form, contact MAS.
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