Office of the Controller Procedures

Processing Tuition Reimbursement Payments to Employees

Financial Affairs, Office of the Controller   |   Approved July 1, 1995


Process payments for approved Employee Tuition Reimbursement Requests.


Employees seeking the payment for a tuition reimbursement request that has been approved by Human Resource Services.

Operational Units (schools, departments, divisions) processing tuition reimbursement requests.


  1. In accordance with USM Policy VII-4.10 on Tuition Remission and Tuition Reimbursement for Regular and Retired Nonexempt and Exempt Staff and Faculty Employees of the University System of Maryland and requirements set forth by UMB Human Resource Services (HRS), employees may be reimbursed for job-related courses.
  2. Refer to Human Resource Services for rules and requirements in determining eligibility and obtaining approvals.
  3. Complete the Tuition Reimbursement Request Form available on the HRS website and submit to HRS for approval.
  4. After successfully completing the course as required by HRS, the Operational Unit completes a reimbursement requisition (PUR02) in the eUMB Financials System.
  5. The following documents are required to be submitted with the PUR02:
    1. Approved Tuition Reimbursement Request Form
    2. Final grade report showing a “C” or better
    3. Proof of course payment (e.g. canceled check, credit card receipt)
  6. Questions?  Contact the Disbursements Manager 410-706-2931.


Operational Units

  • Comply with UMB policy on eligibility and approval requirements for tuition reimbursement.
  • Submit required forms and supporting documentation to Financial Services – Disbursements.

Financial Services – Disbursements

  • Promptly process PUR02s in accordance with the Miscellaneous Disbursements Procedure.
  • Ensure supporting documentation is appropriate and complete.

Additional Guidance:  

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