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UMB Policy on Fleet Vehicle Purchasing

Financial Affairs   |   Approved August 23, 2023

Responsible VP/AVP

Dawn M. Rhodes, DBA, MBA

Applies to Staff

Policy Statement

The purpose of this Policy is to provide instructions and requirements for procuring vehicles for UMB’s fleet, in order to maintain an optimized fleet of vehicles and comply with State of Maryland mandates. 


First Responder/Emergency Vehicles – vehicles used for the purpose of protecting, providing, or restoring public safety or emergency response (e.g. ambulances, police vehicles, fire vehicles). 

Heavy-Duty Vehicles – vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating (GVWR) of 8,501 pounds or more. 

Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEVs) – vehicles that produce zero tailpipe emissions. 

Scope and Exceptions

The University of Maryland, Baltimore has direct authority to procure and dispose of fleet vehicles. Vehicles are purchased in accordance with specifications developed by the Department of Budget and Management (DBM) and approved by the Board of Public Works (BPW). Minor changes for specific vehicle requests may be approved by the UMB Fleet Manager based on needs, budgetary considerations, and availability.  

Departments must project the frequency of use and the number of miles a vehicle will be driven to justify the purchase of a vehicle. 

The UMB Fleet Manager must approve all vehicle purchase requests prior to procurement, in order to ensure that funds are authorized, the request is appropriate, and the request is in accordance with this policy.  

All acquisitions (including leasing) of motor vehicles must be approved by the UMB Fleet Manager before UMB may enter a contract or make use of the vehicle. The sole exception to this policy is for passenger vehicles rented through the travel services contractor for use that begins away from UMB. 

Beginning in Fiscal Year 2023, all vehicles purchased as part of UMB’s fleet must be Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEVs), pursuant to the State of Maryland’s Climate Solutions Now Act of 2022 

The following vehicles are currently exempt* from the ZEV mandate: 

  • First responder/emergency vehicles 
  • Heavy-duty vehicles  

*desired vehicle purchases unable to meet the requirements laid out in this Policy must submit a vehicle exemption request form. 

Roles and Responsibilities

Individual Office, Department, School or Center 

Responsible for: 

  • Obtaining funding to acquire and maintain the vehicle 
  • Selecting an approved vehicle from the state contract 
  • Obtaining a quote from the vendor for the vehicle they are requesting to purchase, and submitting this quote with the Vehicle Purchase Approval Form to the UMB Fleet Manager 
  • Submitting a requisition to SSAS for a Purchase Order to be generated after they receive the final approval from the Chief Business and Finance Officer or designee   

UMB Fleet Manager

Responsible for: 

  • Approving all vehicle acquisitions on campus 
  • Review the Vehicle Purchase Approval Form and supporting documentation and submit form to the Chief Business and Financial Officer or designee for final approval


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