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UMB Policy on Accessing University Buildings

Financial Affairs   |   Approved November 1, 2022

Responsible VP/AVP

Dawn M. Rhodes, DBA, MBA


The purpose of this policy is to provide instructions and guidelines for entering and accessing buildings on the UMB campus buildings.

Policy Statement

UMB aims to provide a safe and welcoming environment for all members of our community on campus. The University of Maryland Baltimore Police Department (UMBPD) works in conjunction with the Center for Information Technology (CITS) to secure, administer, and manage access to campus buildings and maintain all necessary building access security equipment. Building access equipment consists of identification card reader devices, campus ID validation units, and Visitor Management System (VMS) kiosks.


One Card/Campus ID is the official identification card for students, faculty, and staff and is required for entrance into all buildings on the UMB campus.

To access all buildings, OneCard holders must scan their identification card using a card reader device upon entry.

All visitors entering a UMB building on the main campus without a One Card/Campus ID must register in the VMS located in the lobby of each UMB building.

See related procedures for details


One Card/Campus ID: UMB identification cards are issued by Campus Life Services and used to access buildings and within certain buildings (doors, elevators, and stairwells) on the UMB campus.

Community: Any member of the University of Maryland, Baltimore, including administrators, full, part-time, or adjunct faculty and staff, students, affiliates, contractors or other designees.

Card Reader System: The badge reader system outside campus building entrance doors that are used by UMB to secure and control building access. The University of Maryland, Baltimore Police Department (UMBPD) – This department is responsible for all public safety services at UMB. They have sworn law enforcement officers and unsworn security personnel.

CITS: This center is responsible for IT infrastructure, security, and safety at UMB and maintains the building access security equipment.

Visitor: Anyone who does not have a one card/campus ID and is accessing UMB campus for legitimate reasons, including but not limited to friend, family member, contractor, volunteer, vendors, or other designees, who are not students, faculty or staff of UMB.

Visitor Management System (VMS): A building access system that verifies and tracks visitors requesting access to and entering buildings on the UMB campus.

Campus ID Validation Units: The red- green units outside the security desks that confirm One Cards/campus ID’s are active and valid.

Roles and Responsibilities

UMBPD is responsible for administering and managing the building access in all campus buildings and provides security personnel in campus buildings to monitor and assist as necessary. UMBPD is also responsible for maintaining the building access system equipment, including but not limited to identification card reader devices, Campus ID Validation Units, and VMS kiosks.

CITS partners with UMBPD for the installation and maintenance of the VMS kiosks.

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