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UMB Policy on Compensation for Accrued Annual Leave for Faculty

Faculty   |   Approved July 23, 2018

Responsible VP/AVP

Bruce Jarrell, MD, FACS

Policy Statement

I. Policy Statement

University System of Maryland Policy on Annual Leave for Faculty authorizes USM institutions to adopt procedures for payment of all or part of the value of accrued annual leave to 12-month faculty members who reduce their level of effort or change to a 10-month or 9 ½-month faculty appointment. It is UMB’s policy to allow faculty members to be compensated for accrued annual leave at the discretion of the Provost.

This policy pertains to faculty members whose reduction in effort or change in appointment began on or subsequent to June 6, 2017.

II. Policy

  1.  UMB 12‐month appointment faculty members may be eligible for compensation for part or all accrued annual leave under the circumstances listed below.
    1. A 12‐month appointment faculty member loses eligibility to earn and accrue annual leave as a result of:
      1. changing to a 12‐month appointment at less than .5 FTE, or
      2. changing to a 10‐month or 9 1/2 month faculty appointment that is not eligible to accrue annual leave.
    2. A full‐time or part‐time 12‐month faculty member eligible to accrue annual leave becomes eligible to earn and accrue annual leave at a reduced rate as a result of a reduction in level of effort under the faculty member’s appointment.
  2. A payment for accrued annual leave must be recommended by a Dean or designee to the Provost or designee.
  3. A faculty member’s leave balance may not be reduced to less than the maximum leave balance UMB can track in its leave system for that faculty member.
  4. If a faculty member who is appointed as Dean steps down and transitions to a 10-month faculty position, he or she will receive a cash payout for the leave accrued at the time of status change. Leave will be valued at the faculty member’s final annual salary as Dean.
  5. A tenured faculty member will not receive a payout for accrued annual leave if the faculty member does not relinquish tenure.
  6. A faculty member who retires and is compensated for accrued annual leave cannot return to a position with an annual leave benefit.
  7. A faculty member who takes a leave of absence and retires at the end of the leave will be compensated for annual leave at the annual salary rate of the faculty member prior to the leave of absence.
  8. A faculty member who reduces his or her level of effort from 1.00 FTE to 0.5 FTE and has a leave balance of 400 hours, he or she can receive a payout for a maximum of 200 hours.  If at the end of the year, a faculty member’s leave balance exceeds the maximum of 200 hours, those hours will not carry over to the following year.

IV. Roles and Responsibilities

  1. The Executive Vice President and Provost or designee must approve payments for accrued annual leave for faculty under this Policy.
  2. The Executive Vice President and Provost is in charge of this Policy


VII.         Key Related Policies and/or Procedures

II-2.40 University System of Maryland Policy on Annual Leave for Faculty

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