The Team

Luke Mowbray, MS Director of Real Estate, Planning and Space Management

Luke Mowbray

Director of REPSM 

Luke is an urban planning and real estate professional with a diversity of project experiences including facilities master planning, project management, capital budgeting, space management, and real estate development. Luke oversees a variety of project types and has worked on the development of research laboratories, teaching spaces, office suites, commercial residential buildings, infrastructure improvements, and streetscaping.

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Demetrius Shambley

Senior Facilities Planner

Demetrius is the Senior Facilities Planner in the Office of Real Estate, Planning, and Space Management at the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB). He is also a member of the UMB Council for the Arts & Culture.

Areas of Focus

 Real Estate

The University of Maryland Baltimore owns 55 buildings totaling ~6.3M square feet and leases an additional ~470,000 square feet 24 non-UMB buildings. UMB’s campus includes 65 acres integrated into the westside of downtown Baltimore.

In addition to the physical structures, REPSM takes an active role in the design and improvement of outdoor spaces, promoting UMB’s campus identity, developing campus and community amenities, and improving the urban design.

Space Management

REPSM manages UMB’s physical space to ensure that campus areas are used efficiently and are assigned equitably to meet the university’s needs. This is made possible through the use of our space inventory system which tracks every inch of space on the University of Maryland, Baltimore campus. Doing so allows us to conduct space needs analyses for all schools, departments, and strategic partners, to monitor all space utilization and make recommendations for more efficient use of space, or to respond to requests for new or reallocated space requests.

  • Oversee UMB’s entire building inventory
  • Maintain and update space inventory database for all university-owned, leased and occupied buildings
  • Identify individual room types, occupants and the overall utilization of university space
  • Conduct regular space utilization surveys

Master Planning

UMB’s Facilities Master Plan (FMP) is assembled with the intent of supporting and advancing the university’s strategic goals and objectives and serves as the outline for all future development in and around the campus. This process identifies campus and neighborhood needs, recommends projects to address those needs, and maps out future land uses.

The process begins with comprehensive quantitative and qualitative analysis to anticipate the university’s space requirements in the next ten years. Upon completion of the findings, we plot out the physical development of the campus for the next 10 to 15 years.

2017 Master Plan | 2017 FMP Executive summary | 2023 Master Plan Update

Capital Budget

REPSM is also responsible for assembling and submitting the university’s annual capital requests to the State of Maryland. This process ensures that all major projects—new construction, major renovation, infrastructure projects—are aligned with university priorities and can be adequately funded.

Capital planning helps to maintain campus facilities., preserve and modernize infrastructure, and plan for future growth. By working with stakeholders inside and outside the university, our continuous effort can reduce costs, promote sustainability, prioritize our core values, and advance the mission of the university as a whole.