Office Personnel

Sarah Archibald

Sarah N. Archibald, PhD, MA

Research Integrity Officer
Program Director, Research Integrity Office
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Edress Johns

Edress P. Brunson, MS

Compliance Specialist
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Erin Burch

Erin Burch, MS

Research Compliance Specialist 
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Shilene Johnson

Shilene Johnson, MPH

Research Compliance Specialist
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LaToya Lewis

LaToya A. Lewis, MS, MT(ASCP)

Compliance Specialist
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Kim Mathis

Kim Mathis

Office Manager 
Office of Accountability and Compliance
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Stephan Vigues, Ph.D.
Office of Operations and Planning
Program Director for Research Accountability and Compliance Monitoring.
University of Maryland, Baltimore

Stephan Vigues, PhD

Program Director, Research Accountability and Compliance Monitoring, Research Integrity Office  
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Michael Azen

Equity & Access Compliance Investigator 
Office of Accountability and Compliance
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Susan Buskirk

Susan C. Buskirk, DM, MS

Deputy Chief Accountability Officer
Assistant Vice President
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Julie Doherty

Julie Doherty, DM, MSN

Director, Human Protections Administrator / Human Research Protections Program
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Mikhel Kushner

Mikhel A. Kushner, JD, MSW

Executive Director, Diversity and Inclusion
Title IX Coordinator
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Mary MacFadden


Director, Accountability and Compliance / Safety Specialist / Research Subject Advocate
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Stephanie Suerth

Stephanie Suerth, BS

Program Director, Accountability and Compliance Education and Outreach
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Alison Watkins, JD, MS

Conflict of Interest Officer
Assistant Vice President
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