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Learning Center

The UMB Academy of Lifelong Learning Center is a place for you to pursue your interests, discover programs, and develop new skills to support your career goals while learning from UMB expert professors and researchers.

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Covid Response Forum

Ask questions of our experts on COVID-related topics including vaccines, infectious disease, virology, wellness, nutrition, stress management, public health, and the care of children and seniors.

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Parenting Forum

UMB experts provide insights and answer your questions to improve the physical and behavioral health and psychological and social well-being of children in all phases of their development.

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Reproductive Healthcare Forum

The UMB Maryland Abortion and Reproductive Clinical Health (MARCH) program aims to advance family planning and abortion care in Maryland.

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U.S. Constitution Forum

UMB experts in constitutional law and the U.S. Supreme Court share their insights on important legal issues that are shaping our national discourse and impacting so many.

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I was super nervous to ask my question because I feel rather silly for masking now (even as Covid infections rise where I live) and I wasn’t even sure that University of Maryland Baltimore’s site was still open for questions. I couldn’t find anything specific to my circumstances at the CDC and local Depts of Health have stopped regularly advising the public where I live. Good news, y’all! I got a very affirmative, kind reply from University of Maryland Baltimore the very next morning. They took my question seriously and respectfully. If you’re worried someone will shrug off your concerns, University of Maryland Baltimore’s respondents will take your concerns seriously and answer back quickly. Sarah, from Tennessee
I found this resource to be extremely helpful. The response was prompt, thorough, and helped me to move forward in getting my son vaccinated in a timely fashion. The online option also made this very convenient, and I’m glad such a support exists! Maxine, from Maryland
I had a very specific question I couldn't find the answer to anywhere else, and I feel like you addressed it well. The information you provided has eased my mind and helped keep me safe. Kristen, from Maine
When I came across this site, I was fairly positive no one would help a stranger with a wildly specific and random question. However, the folks here went above and beyond to provide me timely, accurate, informative information that helped soothe the worries of my family and I. I can’t thank them enough! Leo, from California
There are lots of websites that answer generic questions, but UMB was the only one I found that had a live person answer a question specific to my family’s situation. Thank you again. Ralph, from Nevada
I found the UMB Academy of Lifelong Learning while doing a Google search for a COVID-related question. The response was quick and helpful. I am so glad I stumbled upon this resource. I have come to learn that they answer a wide variety of questions, not just COVID-related. What a great find! Heather, from Connecticut
A couple of months ago, I sent a question about the bivalent COVID vaccine to the UMB Academy of Lifelong Learning and received a timely and informative response. I very much appreciated the detailed information that I had been unable to find elsewhere. Randall, from North Carolina