Safe Space Online Micro-Course

Course Schedule: 10/3/22 - 10/28/22



Safe Space Online brings UMB’s traditional LGBTQ+ Safe Space program to the virtual world, allowing participants to build their LGBTQ+ allyship skills, engage with a cohort of online peers, and learn about LGBTQ+ identities, activism, support, and inclusive best practices, all from the comfort of their home or office, at any time or any day. This pilot program is free for all UMB students and employees. As an overview, this program will require a 2-month commitment, starting in October and ending in early December. Enrolled participants will be required to dedicate 1-2 hours per week and will watch videos, read articles, engage in video-based discussion boards, and complete learning quizzes. Modules will be opened semi-weekly and require that participants stay on track with the cohort. Individuals who complete this free course will receive a digital certificate, online micro-credential, and digital badge to place on their LinkedIn profile.

Learning Objectives:

  1. LGBTQ+ terminology
  2. How to support someone when as they "come out" to you
  3. The differences between birth/assigned sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, gender expression
  4. LGBTQ+ history and legal issues
  5. Inclusive best practices such as gender-neutral and gender-inclusive language and pronouns