Public Speaking Micro-Course

Course Schedule: February 2023 - May 2023

Spring Semester (2023) Enrollment Form

The Learning Institute is excited to offer a public speaking micro-credential and micro-course for UMB Students, Staff, and Faculty. Focusing on the four components of public speaking: speech writing, articulation, body language, and applied practice, this micro-course is designed to provide participants with both the knowledge to be strong public speakers and an opportunity to record themselves, practice, and receive positive feedback from a cohort of fellow learners. This self-paced micro-course will open and close based on the course timeline. Enrolled participants will be required to dedicate 1-2 hours per week and will watch videos, engage in video-based discussion boards, read assigned readings, and complete learning quizzes. Modules will be opened semi-weekly and require that participants stay on track with the cohort. Individuals who complete this free course will receive a digital certificate, online micro-credential, and digital badge on their LinkedIn profile.

Course Instructor:

  • Gregory A. Brightbill, EdD (Graduand) MBA, MEd. Associate Director of Student Leadership & Involvement, Intercultural Leadership & Engagement

Guest Lecturers:

  • Alex Likowski. Executive Director, Media Relations
  • Monica Castillo Maggiano. Director, Leadership Communications

Micro-Course Learning Objectives:

  1. How to use public speaking skills in everyday life
  2. How to structure and write a written speech
  3. How to use body language as a communication method
  4. How to use the voice modulations of tone, tempo, and timbre to improve public speaking as a performative tool
  5. How to design and use a Powerpoint presentation in a public speaking setting