Business Basics Micro-Course

Course Schedule: February 2023-May 2023




The Business Basics micro-course provides an introductory overview of key business concepts for individuals looking to explore starting a small business. This course will expose learners to basic business terminology; business plans and proposals; legal business structures (Ex: sole proprietorship, LLC, partnerships, and corporations); simple bookkeeping, accounting, and financial management systems; and a general overview of small business taxation and reporting.

This program is free for all UMB students and employees. Enrolled participants will be required to dedicate 1-2 hours per week to watch webinars, read, engage in video-based discussion boards, and complete learning quizzes. Individuals who complete this free course will receive a digital certificate, online micro-credential, and digital badge to place on their LinkedIn profile.



Course Instructors:


  • Taylor Deboer, MA, Marketing and Operations Specialist, Graduate Research Innovation District (GRID)
  • Gregory A. Brightbill, EdD, MBA, MEd. Associate Director of Student Leadership & Involvement, Intercultural Leadership & Engagement



Course Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand commonly used business terminology such as revenue, income, assets, expenses, liabilities, etc.
  2. Be able to differentiate the various forms of legal business entities, how they are taxed differently, and their levels of liabilities.
  3. Be able to read and understand simple bookkeeping documents.
  4. Be able to write a simple business proposal and marketing plan.