Undergraduate Student Outcomes

Retention rates: UMB does not enroll any first-time undergraduate students. Rates below represent the graduation rate (150 percent of time to degree) and one-year retention rate (including completers) for degree completion students.  Graduation rates are based on the 2015 cohort.  Retention rates are based on the 2017 cohort.

Overall 84.9% 87.4%
Male 87.5% 90.6%
Female 84.4% 86.9%
Non-Resident Alien n/a 80.0%
Hispanic/Latino 100% 82.4%
American Indian/Alaska Native n/a n/a
Asian 81.8% 89.1%
Black or African American 84.0% 79.2%
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander n/a n/a
White 84.6% 91.0%
Two or More Races n/a 92.9%
Race and ethnicity unknown n/a 50.0%
Pell Grant recipients 84.2% 89.9%