Mail Services

The Mail Center is committed to providing the University of Maryland, Baltimore and its employees with the most efficient and cost-effective mail services available. Our commitment to you is made possible with your assistance and the working partnership the Mail Center has established with the United States Postal Service.

The University of Maryland, Baltimore Mail Center is staffed with courteous, professional employees. Together the staff has more than 163 years of combined postal experience. We are here to assist you with the necessary help you may need to process your mail/packages. View our Mailing Guidelines and Mail Classification and Standards.

Personal Mail
The University campus mail system is exclusively for University business. This means you may not receive incoming mail of a personal nature at work, nor may intercampus mail be used for anything other than University business.

Inter-office Priority Mailings
UMB Campus Mail Services offers a priority mailing service to the UMB campus. Employees must use the Priority mail form 07.02008. The form can be ordered from Strategic Factory by emailing them. The service is provided to ensure delivery to an individual or their mail contact personnel by obtaining a signature for delivery confirmation. Mail services will return a copy of the priority form to the sender after delivery. Mail services will only deliver to individuals who are currently in the UMB mail route system. If the addressee is not in the UMB mail route system or if the mail piece is refused, we will return the mail piece to the sender. If you have any questions concerning an employee’s eligibility for delivery, please call the Mail Center at 6-6709. A maximum of five priority mail pieces may be sent from one department daily.

Hours and Location

The University of Maryland, Baltimore Mail Center is located at the Biomedical Engineering & Technology Research Building, 111 S. Penn Street, Room B003, Baltimore, MD 21201.

The Mail Center is fully operational Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

INQUIRIES: The Mail Center is committed to customer service. If you have general questions or concerns, please call ext. 6-6709 or fax 6-0759. For complex postal questions, please contact Mail Center postal manager Michele Jordan at 6-3700.


The Mail Center provides pickup and delivery service once a day to approximately 175 campus locations. The morning service is between 10:30 a.m. and 11:45 a.m. The afternoon service is between 2:30 p.m. and 3:45 p.m.

The Mail Center will meter departmental mail on a reimbursable basis, provided the originating department has a valid postage account. (See Memorandum of Agreement)

First-Class Metering Service Available:

  • Certified Mail
  • Certification of Mailing
  • Express Mail, Domestic/International
  • First Class Presort
  • First Class Insured Mail, Domestic/International
  • International /Global Priority Mail
  • Standard Class Mail (A)
  • Standard Class Mail (B)     


The Mail Center provides daily courier service to the University of Maryland System Administration Office Building; the University of Maryland, Baltimore County; and the University of Maryland, College Park. The courier departs the Mail Center at 10 a.m. daily and returns at 2 p.m.

The Mail Center will provide additional courier service on a reimbursable basis, provided the requesting department has a valid postage account.

The Mail Center provides a daily pickup and delivery service between University of Maryland, Baltimore and the UMMS Mail Room.
Interdepartment Priority Mail is delivered by University of Maryland, Baltimore Mail Services personnel. Deliveries will be made during the regularly scheduled times on a next run basis with a signature obtained. This service is designed to document delivery of important time-dated material. (See Priority Mail Interdepartment)