Jace W. Jones, PhD


Assistant Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Associate Director of the Mass Spectrometry Center

School Affiliation

School of Pharmacy


  • Mass Spectrometry
  • Drug Development


Dr. Jones received his PhD in analytical chemistry at the University of Washington where he did his thesis research under the supervision of František Tureček. The focus of his thesis was developing gas-phase ion chemistry strategies to gain structural insight into peptides and glycolipids. Dr. Jones then further developed tandem mass spectrometry platforms for structural elucidation of bacterial glycolipids in the laboratory of David R. Goodlett at the University of Washington, School of Pharmacy. At this time, he moved to industry and was the Technical Director at an Analytical Laboratory (Jones Environmental, Inc.) in Fullerton, CA. He made my way back to academic research as a research scientist followed by research assistant professor in the laboratory of Maureen A. Kane at the University of Maryland, School of Pharmacy.

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This information was last updated January 4, 2023.