Steven Fletcher, PhD


Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Director, MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences Program

School Affiliation

School of Pharmacy


  • Chemical and Biological Discovery


Dr. Fletcher conducted his second post-doctoral position at the University of Toronto, where he worked with Patrick T. Gunning primarily on the synthesis of small-molecule inhibitors of the oncogenic Stat3-Stat3 protein dimer complex. His first post-doctoral position was carried out in the labs of Andrew D. Hamilton at Yale University on the design and synthesis of farnesyltransferase (FTase) inhibitors as novel antimalarial and anticancer agents. Dr. Fletcher received his PhD in organic/medicinal chemistry at Imperial College London (UK) with Andrew. D Miller, where he was involved in the design and synthesis of temperature- and pH-triggerable lipids for incorporation into liposomes for non-viral gene therapy.

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