Well-Being and Sustainability

We care about the welfare of our people, planet, communities, and University.

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How to Be a Catalyst for Well-Being and Sustainability

Support work-life harmony: Show grace, empathy, and be respectful of others’ workload, allow downtime for yourself and others to refresh and recharge, and make decisions consistent with a healthy quality-of-life philosophy.

Promote healthy behaviors: Practice and encourage activities that foster emotional, financial, mental, physical, and social wellness.

Protect the environment: Consider the immediate environmental impact of your decisions and actions and evaluate the future effects on the habitat.

Use resources responsibly: Encourage conservation and recycling, explore and implement efficient ways to reduce waste, and familiarize yourself with the four pillars of sustainability — social, human, economic, and environmental.

Plan for the future: Incorporate long-term considerations — regarding mission, finances, or other factors — into decision-making.

Upcoming Events Embodying the UMB Core Value: Well-Being and Sustainability