Core Values Posters

Download a core values poster for your office. For a complimentary 16x20 poster suitable for framing, please contact Lauren Crum at

Core Values Virtual Backgrounds

To learn how to add and use these backgrounds, visit the virtual background pages for WebexZoom, and Microsoft Teams.

Core Values Email Signatures

How To Add Alt Text to An Email Signature In Outlook

Go into your Outlook signature to edit it.

Insert the UMB Core Values JPG of your choice into your signature, at the bottom.

Now that the picture is in the email signature, it needs alt text to be accessible.

  • Alt-click on the new picture to access the sub-menu. Choose EDIT ALT TEXT...

How to add Alt Text 1 - Edit Alt Text

  • Type or copy/paste the corresponding alt text into the ALT TEXT window.

Respect and Integrity
Well-Being and Sustainability
Equity and Justice
Innovation and Discovery

How to add Alt Text - Entering the text

  • Click OK.


  • For extra bonus points: make the picture a hyperlink!
    Alt-click on the picture.
    Choose HYPERLINK...
    Copy/paste into the ADDRESS field.
    Click OK.