New Graduates Speak Out

Glenda Caceres, School of Dentistry, BS in Dental Hygiene

Glenda-CaceresUMB’s mission is to improve the human condition and serve the public good. How do you plan to do that as a new graduate?

“One of my plans is to do community service. I think in our profession it’s important to serve the community in any way, shape, or form we can. So community service allows us to do that. To reach communities that have not received the dental care they need. I would like in the future to actually go abroad where I can participate in Smiles for Success or anything like that. It’s definitely an important part of my future. I’ve worked with the Esperanza Center here in Baltimore, helping the Hispanic community, which is important to me since I’m Hispanic.”

Tying into that, did you do any work in the community during your time at UMB?

“Actually I’m proud to say I got an outstanding award for community service. It’s a passion and it’s definitely something as health providers we have to emphasize.”  

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