State Public Ethics Law

University employees also are state employees, and as such, in addition to University System of Maryland (USM) and UMB CoI policies in research and development, the State of Maryland’s Public Ethics Law governing conflict of interest applies. Faculty and staff are encouraged to inquire, through the Conflict of Interest Officer, whether specific relationships fall under the law and require exemption under these procedures in order to be lawful relationships. This includes a financial relationship with an entity that also is sponsoring your research at UMB.

Related policyProcedures Implementing Board of Regents Policy on Conflicts of Interest in Research or Development

UMB COI Exemption Forms
These forms concern UMB CoI policy in research and development, and not U.S. PHS regulations. Please contact Alison Watkins, UMB CoI Officer, at before completing these forms.

Alison Watkins, JD, MS
UMB Conflict of Interest Officer
Assistant Vice President

Annual Reports for COI Exemptions
For individuals with CoI Exemptions, annual reports are required from the date of your exemption. Reports must be shared with your department chair or division head and the UMB CoI Officer. Questions concerning the policy and procedures and their application may be directed to:

Shilene Johnson, MPH
Research Compliance Specialist
Office of Accountability and Compliance