myUMB Portal My Settings

The myUMB Portal is a modern and customizable application designed to be a “one-stop shop” to access all systems, applications, and news that are relevant to you personally.  Each user of the portal has various tools available, which can be found under My Settings.

Accessing MySettings

Once in the myUMB portal, click the My Setting (Gear icon) to the right of the portal banner:

Once in My Settings, you will see the following icons:

  • Widgets – ability to customize the widgets and links that appear on the home page.
  • UMB Icons – ability to customize the icons that appear in the UMB Icons widget.
  • My Links – ability to customize the My Links widget

For the above 3 items, view the appropriate job aid for further details on making customizations.

  • Reports – provides information to help users identify who is responsible for each widget and/or link, including the best contact for each.
  • Settings
    • Color Scheme – can select Light (default) or Dark
    • Rows Per Page in Tables – change the default (10) for data that appears in the various tables under Widgets and UMB Icons.
  • Feedback – users can enter comments, suggestions or issues in reference to the portal. The information will be sent to the Web Development group.
  • Help – provides links to basic instructions on how to use the portal. This includes both job aids and video tutorials.


My Settings PDF