Customizing Your UMB Icons

The myUMB portal is designed to be a “one-stop shop” to provide access to all systems, applications and news that are relevant to each specific user.  To this end, a feature of the portal is that you can customize which icons appear in the UMB Icons widget.

Customizing Your UMB Icons

Once in the myUMB portal, click the My Setting (Gear icon) to the right of the portal banner:

Widgets Header Image

  • Under My Settings, click the UMB Icons
  • UMB Icons is broken into 3 sections:
    • Pinned – UMB Icons – Icons in this section can not be removed from the widget.
    • UMB Icons – the icons that are presently in view in the widget on the home page.
    • Add UMB Icons – widgets that are available to be added to the portal home page.

UMBIcons Image

UMB Icons Section

In the UMB Icons section, you have the ability to:

  • Use the Up and Down icons to move what order the icons appear in the widget.
  • Delete any icon from view that is not useful to you.
  • If Campus Portal admins add new icons and mark them to appear by default, you will have the ability to remove newly added icons after 14 days.
Add UMB Icons Section

Icon in this section can be added by clicking Add to the left of the appropriate icon.  Once added, it will appear under UMB Icons


IMPORTANT: Nothing is being deleted.  If an icon is accidentally “deleted”, or you later determine you do need the icon, it can always be added back into view.


Customizing UMB Icons PDF