ImageNow provides the ability to scan, route documents via workflow, and digitally store and access documents. 

Any UMB entity interested in pursuing a document management project is encouraged to contact ImageNow Support for information on licensing, equipment, and general cost estimates.

Licensing ImageNow for Document Imaging

As you consider implementing ImageNow, review the following:

  • How much information do you have on paper that needs to be transferred?
  • How regularly will new documents need to be scanned?
  • Who needs access to these documents in your office?
  • Who may need access outside of your office?
  • What kind of file type will you be using?
  • What kind of data or documents?
  • Where does the imaging process align with your electronic document management system?
  • Do you have sensitive or private information or FERPA and HIPAA concerns?

The CITS team will lead you through additional considerations you’ll need to keep in mind when developing your workflow.