Frequently Asked Questions

How do I forward my GoogleApps@UMaryland mail? 

Users can configure their GoogleApps@UMaryland mail account to automatically forward messages.  If you choose to forward your mail, copies of the message are stored or accessible from your GoogleApps@UMaryland mail account.

Instructions on how to Set Up Email Forwarding.

I am having trouble accessing GoogleApps@UMaryland. What do I need to check?  

If you are experiencing problems accessing GoogleApps@UMaryland, here are a few things to check:

  1. Make sure you open a new browser window and then go to here. You will  be redirected to a shibboleth log on screen.
  2. When you are finished, sign out of GoogleApps@UMaryland and close your browser.  You are not completely signed out until you close the browser.
  3. If you wish to create a favorite or bookmark for GoogleApps@Maryland, create the favorite or bookmark manually and point to here.
  4. Make sure you only have one session of GoogleApps@UMaryland open.

Can I open my personal Gmail account and my GoogleApps@UMaryland at the same time? 

You can only open your personal Gmail account or your GoogleApps@UMaryland account, not both at the same time.

What is my GoogleApps@UMaryland username and password? 

GoogleApps@UMaryland uses myUM Authentication.  If you are using the Google Web interface, log into GoogleApps@UMaryland with your myUMid and password. If you are using IMAP/POP or connecting with a Mobile Device, log into GoogleApps@Maryland with your email address and your myUMB Password.

How do I reset my password for the GoogleApps@UMaryland system? 

You can reset your myUM password from the myUM Account Management site

For more information on changing or resetting your myUM Password, click here.

How much storage space do I have in my GoogleApps@UMaryland account? 

You have 25 Gigabytes of GMail storage and 1GB on Google Docs.

Can I keep my GoogleApps@UMaryland account after I graduate? 

Yes, you will be able to continue using your account after graduation.