Admission Standards

International students who require F-1 or J-1 visa sponsorship to attend the University of Maryland, Baltimore must demonstrate English proficiency and financial responsibility before the OIS can issue the appropriate visa document for your program of study. 

English proficiency

International students requiring visa sponsorship from the OIS must demonstrate English proficiency. Proficiency is most often verified through the TOEFL or IELTS English language proficiency tests. For students whose native language is English, there is no need to take a proficiency test. To find the minimum acceptable score for your anticipated program, please access the schools' admission links.

Financial responsibility

International students requiring visa sponsorship must ensure they have sufficient funding to cover the cost of the program and living expenses while in Baltimore. See an estimated cost of attendance for the minimum amount of financial support required. 

Financial responsibility may be proved by a variety of methods. These include the following:

  • Personal or family funds
  • Government or international organization sponsorship
  • A UMB Graduate Assistantship

The documentation must state the name of the person or organization that will sponsor the student and specify the amount of the financial support provided to the student.

If using personal or family funds, a bank statement from within the past six months must be provided. Additionally, if receiving financial support from a friend or family member, that person also must write a letter specifying the exact amount of funding they will provide to you during your program.

The expenses of a married student are considerably more than that of a single student. In addition to funds for their own expenses, the married student must show an additional $7,200 per year for a dependent spouse and an additional $6,600 per year for a dependent child. A dependent is classified as a spouse and/or children under the age of 21.

Before processing visa paperwork, the OIS requires evidence of the minimum financial support amount committed to your education. 

Health insurance

Health insurance is required for all UMB students. You must prove that you have coverage equivalent to UMB's minimum requirements, or purchase the policy offered by UMB to all students. This cost is included in the tuition estimate.

Transfer students

For students already in the United States pursuing a program of study in F-1 or J-1 student status, please see our Transferring Schools page for more information.