Certificates of Insurance

Certificates of insurance (COI's) are documents containing all the pertinent details of an insurance policy in a standardized format.

As a state agency, the University of Maryland Baltimore is self-insured through the State Insurance Trust Fund, pursuant to the Maryland Tort Claims Act. Our administrator for all claims except workers’ compensation is the Maryland State Treasurer’s Office. Additional insureds cannot be named because this coverage is provided through the State Insurance Trust Fund rather than a commercial insurance policy. Moreover, the doctrine of sovereign immunity limits the liability of a government agency. Therefore, the state’s self-insurance may not satisfy every vendor’s insurance requirements.


Certificate of Insurance for Meetings, Events, Contracts

Some vendors or suppliers require proof of general liability insurance coverage for events, meetings, contracts, etc. This insurance protects the vendor or supplier in the event of property damage, bodily injury or personal injury caused by UMB faculty or staff. To request issuance of a COI for a vendor or supplier please complete the request form and select “General Liability/Tort Liability”. 

*Please note that events sponsored by student organizations do not qualify as a covered event by the state's self-insurance.  A separate policy must be procured.

*All General Liability/Tort Liability requests must provide the reason and date for the event requested in the comment section.


Certificate of Insurance for Allied Health Students

Medical facilities and pharmacies require proof of malpractice insurance for UMB Allied Health students performing internships at their location. UMB Risk Management collects the necessary facility information annually in May and disseminate certificates in bulk around August/September. To request issuance of a COI for an Allied Health student, please complete the request form and select “Allied Health Student Professional Liability”. 


Certificate of Insurance for Faculty

UMB faculty provide their expertise at several medical facilities in conjunction with various programs. From time to time, a facility will ask for proof of malpractice insurance coverage for a faculty member; this occurs most often with faculty of the Dental School. To request issuance of a COI for a faculty member at the Dental School, please complete the request form and select “Dental Clinic Professional Liability”. If the request does not pertain to a faculty member of the Dental School then please contact UMBRiskManagement@umaryland.edu for further assistance. 


Confirmation of Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Some contracts require verification of workers’ compensation insurance for UMB employees. As a state agency, the University of Maryland Baltimore is self-insured for workers’ compensation (WC). The Injured Workers’ Insurance Fund is the administrator for claims and our policy number is 910920. Most times providing the WC policy number is sufficient. If the vendor requests proof of WC insurance, then please contact UMBRiskManagement@umaryland.edu with the name of the facility, address of facility, and reason for the confirmation of coverage letter.