Student Affairs Policies


UMB Policy on Event-Related Student Misconduct

Student Affairs   |   Approved February 20, 2006

Responsible VP/AVP

Roger Ward, EdD, JD, MSL, MPA

Applies to Students

Revision History

Effective February 20, 2006

Policy Statement

I. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that UMB and each of its schools applies Board of Regents Policy V-8.0 "Policy on Event-Related Student Misconduct" ("the BOR Policy"). 

II. Each UMB school shall include "event-related" misconduct, as defined in the BOR policy, in the definition of misconduct that is punishable under the school's student misconduct policy, making it clear that both on-campus and off-campus misconduct is prohibited and will be punished consistent with the BOR Policy. The school policy shall state clearly that event-related misconduct is a violation of the school's student code of conduct and/or expected professional behavior, and is subject to school judicial proceedings and presumptive dismissal. 

III. Disciplinary action for event-related misconduct may take place regardless of the existence, status, or outcome of any criminal charges in a court of law related to the misconduct. Any decision to impose a sanction less than suspension or expulsion for event-related misconduct must be supported by written findings signed by the Executive Vice President and Provost. 

IV. A record of any suspension or expulsion under this policy shall be noted on the student's transcript. Each Dean shall report relevant suspensions or expulsions to the Registrar for this purpose. 

V. A student suspended for event-related misconduct shall not be admitted to any other UMB school or to any institution in the System during the term of the suspension. A student expelled for event-related misconduct shall not be admitted to any other UMB School or any institution in the System for at least one year from the effective date of the expulsion. Admissions officers of the UMB schools are responsible for reviewing applicants' transcripts to determine whether, and when, any applicant from another UMB school or System institution was suspended or expelled for event-related misconduct. 

VI. No later than May 1, 2006, the Dean of each School shall present to the Executive Vice President and Provost a copy of the School's student misconduct policy, indicating how the policy addresses event-related misconduct consistent with the BOR Policy.

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