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UMB IT Residential Network Policy

Information Technology   |   Approved September 11, 2017

Responsible VP/AVP

Peter J. Murray, PhD, CAS, MS

Revision History

Technical revisions updated September 11, 2017.


The purpose of this Policy is to state the terms of use of the UMB Student Residential Network (ResNet).

This Policy applies to all Authorized Users and all connections to ResNet.

Policy Statement

UMB provides authorized users with the capability to connect their computers to the Student ResNet via hardwired network jacks or to the campus wireless network. This access is provided primarily for the purpose of facilitating academic activity of the authorized users, whether or not such activity directly relates to formal course work.

Use of the Student ResNet is a privilege. It is incumbent upon all authorized users to act responsibly in using the Student ResNet.  By connecting to the Student ResNet, an authorized user agrees to abide by all applicable local, state, and federal law; all applicable rules and policies of USM and UMB; and all policies and guidelines set by the Center for Information Technology Services (CITS).

Terms of Use

  1. It is each authorized user's responsibility to be familiar with the current terms of use for the Student ResNet. The authorized user is responsible for complying with all of the terms of use.
  2. Student ResNet access is provided to authorized users by CITS.  Authorized users may authorize their guests and visitors to access the Student ResNet, but in such cases authorized users are responsible for the use of the Student ResNet by their guests and visitors. An authorized user is required to educate the authorized user's guests and visitors about policies applicable to use of the Student ResNet before permitting them to use the authorized user's Student ResNet connection.
  3. All persons using the Student ResNet are subject to the UMB Information Technology Acceptable Use Policy which applies to all computers using the Student ResNet.  Under the Acceptable Use Policy, Student ResNet connections may not be used to receive or distribute copyrighted material without permission or the copyright holder.  Prohibited actions include without limitation the unauthorized storage or distribution of software, motion pictures, videos, music, and books and other published works.
  4. Only Student ResNet access points provided or authorized by CITS are permitted in Pascault Row and University Suites.  Unauthorized access points will be removed by CITS (in Pascault Row) or the owner or manager of the building (in University Suites).
  5. Authorized users and others connecting to ResNet must ensure that their computers are equipped with appropriately updated anti-virus software. In addition, authorized users and others connecting to the Student ResNet must ensure that their computers are automatically updated with the latest security patches appropriate to their operating system and applications. Failure to follow these measures may result in a computer becoming infected with a virus or being accessed by hackers.  UMB sells updated anti-virus software (Symantec Endpoint Protection) to the UMB community for a nominal fee.  Software is purchased online via - and picked up at the Helpdesk. 
  6. Using a computer connected to the Student ResNet to provide services that result in large amounts of inbound/outbound traffic is prohibited (some examples: sharing files with a peer-to­ peer network, operating a streaming web cam, operating a public FTP or IRC server). While it is permissible to maintain a personal web site on a computer connected to the student ResNet, it is unacceptable to operate any service that generates large and easily identifiable levels of inbound/outbound traffic.  It is not permitted to operate personal businesses using the Student ResNet.
  7. CITS periodically conducts network assessments that may include remotely evaluating the security of a computer connected to the student ResNet and traffic across the student ResNet.  In the event that a serious vulnerability or a suspected violation of this Policy is discovered, the authorized user will be notified and must correct the situation.
  8. Each authorized user is responsible for any traffic originating from a computer at a time that the authorized user's ResNet identification is in use to access the student ResNet from that computer. The authorized user is responsible no matter who is using the computer.
  9. If a computer or its use poses a threat to the security of other computers on the Student ResNet or the UMB network (e.g., virus infection, hacker intrusion, spam relay), CITS may temporarily suspend student ResNet access for that computer and for the student ResNet account used with that computer. Reasonable effort will be made to contact the owner of the suspended computer or student ResNet account; however, during emergencies it may not be practical to contact affected persons in a timely manner. If an authorized user suspects that Student ResNet access has been blocked, the authorized user should contact the CITS Helpdesk at 410-706-4357 (6-HELP).
  10. An authorized user must make arrangements for telephone or cable television service by contacting the appropriate residence staff.  UMB does not provide these services through the Student ResNet.
  11. Notices to authorized users concerning suspension of Student ResNet accounts will be given  by the following means:  (a) e-mail to a UMB e-mail address, if applicable, unless the Student ResNet account has been terminated before notice is given;  (b) telephone contact, if Student ResNet service has been terminated, and a telephone contact has been provided to CITS with Student ResNet registration; or (c) if telephone contact is not feasible, delivery of written notice (by first class mail or hand delivery) to the mailing address provided at the time of Student ResNet registration.

Violations and Penalties

Violation of this Policy may result in revocation of an authorized user's right to use the Student ResNet and the entire UMB network, suspension of Student ResNet service to a computer involved in a violation as well as other computers owned or used by the authorized user, disciplinary action against the authorized user, termination of a residence agreement, and/or legal action (possibly including criminal charges) against the authorized user and any person using the Student ResNet under an authorized user's account.  If an authorized user or any other person using the Student ResNet in violation of this Policy is known to be enrolled at a USM institution other than UMB, UMB may notify the appropriate institution of the violation.  A violation of this Policy will be reported to law enforcement authorities if CITS and UMB determine that the underlying actions of an authorized user or other persons may violate criminal law.


Authorized Users: Resident - Residents of Pascault Row and University Suites at Fayette Square, and their visitors and guests, who are registered with CITS, approved to use UMB's Student ResNet, and provided with information required to access the Student ResNet.

CITS:  Center for Information Technology Services.

HS/HSL:  Health Sciences and Human Services Library.

ResNet:  University of Maryland Baltimore's residential network providing wired or wireless network connections.

UMB:  University of Maryland Baltimore (including all schools and administrative units).

USM:  University System of Maryland

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