Office of the Controller Procedures

Procedure on Business Travel for UMB Employees and Nonemployees

Financial Affairs, Office of the Controller   |   Approved February 24, 2023


Authorize and process payments for UMB business-related travel expenses.


UMB Employees and Nonemployees seeking cost assistance for UMB business travel-related expenses.

Operational Units that offer travel-related cost assistance to UMB employees.

Operational Units and individuals with responsibilities in approving or processing travel-related transactions.


  1. The definition of a UMB Employee includes (but is not limited to) all types (regular, contingent I and contingent II) and classes (faculty, staff, students, post-doctoral fellows) of individuals who receive compensation from UMB through the State of Maryland Central Payroll Bureau.

  2. If the traveler is a UMB Employee, use the  Procedure on Business Travel for UMB Employees.   

  3. If the traveler is not a UMB Employee, use the Procedure on Business Travel for Nonemployees
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