Parking Procedures

License Plate Recognition

Administration, Parking   |   Approved April 17, 2018


To assist daily parkers at the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) when entering and exiting License Plate Recognition (LPR) equipped facilities.


To  daily parkers that are entering or exiting a facility by identifying their vehicle based on its license plate number and automatically calculating parking fees. Applies to all transient customers.

“Pursuant to Maryland law, Parking and Transportation Services (P.T.S.) is required to deny inspection of captured plate data from its automatic license plate reader system, except to a law enforcement agency for a legitimate law enforcement purpose.”


  1. On entry:
    1. Transient customers:
      1. Pull up to the ticket dispenser.
      2. Press the green button.
      3. Pull the ticket issued from the ticket dispenser.
      4. Proceed through the open gate.
  2. On Exit:
    1. Transient customers:
      1. If paying at a Pay on Foot Machine, no interaction with cashier booth is necessary
      2. Pull up to the cashier booth.
      3. Hand cashier ticket and any applicable coupons.
      4. Pay cashier upon learning fee.
      5. One gate rises, proceed through the open gate.
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