Parking Procedures

Housestaff Billing

Administration, Parking   |   Approved January 13, 2016


To identify University of Maryland , Baltimore (UMB) and the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) departments choosing to accept financial responsibility for Housestaff parking fees and to guarantee timely payments for these fees.


Departments at UMB or UMMC providing these parking benefits must insure accurate inventory and proper billing through Parking and Transportation Services (PTS) by following these procedures.


  1. The PTS staff coordinates Housestaff registration for the upcoming year with each Parking Liaison.
    1. Housestaff Clearing Account Form needs to be completed by each department.
      1. Those departments accepting responsibility for payment of Housestaff parking fees will send the completed form to PTS before registration.
      2. To have the Housestaff fees billed to their department, the department must supply a UMB chartstring and process internally for split funded or other funded fees.
  2. PTS will assign a T-2 account number and Customer group number to the returned form.
  3. The T-2 customer Group is assigned to the department Parking Liaison. When the Liaison enters the new or returning Housestaff into the on-line data base, the liaison approves the information and accepts fee responsibility.
    1. It is understood parking fees for those Housestaff doctors will be billed to the individual identified on the Clearing Account Form.

PTS will bill departments for Housestaff bi-annually, supplying a list of individuals approved by the Parking Liaison. The department will have 30 days to:

  1. Review the billing.
  2. Assign an account to be charged.
  3. Have the account signatory sign the bill.
  4. Return the billing to PTS.
  5. Contact PTS with any disputed issues. 

If, after 30 days the bill is unpaid, PTS will charge the chartstring submitted by the department on the Clearing Form. If you have not already completed the Clearing Form, please complete and submit.

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