Parking Procedures

Garage Redirect or Reentry

Administration, Parking   |   Approved January 13, 2016


Process issues dealing with garage access such as when a customer is redirected or surrenders a re-entry ticket.


Daily and student parkers have the option to re-enter university garages after first entry.   There are also times due to capacity or unforeseen circumstances that University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) Parking and Transportation Services may re-direct customers.

All monthly, Employee Daily and Students and Part-Time Faculty must have a hang tag displayed on their rear view mirrors at all times, even in redirect and reentry situations.


Re-directed parker

Monthly Card Holder

  1. When a monthly card holder is redirected to a different garage, there will be an attendant outside their home garage giving instructions for an alternative parking garage.
  2. After being redirecting and when entering alternate garage, the customer needs to swipe their access to obtain a time card.
  3. Upon exit the card holder should surrender the time violation ticket to the cashier to ensure no additional charges apply.
    1. If the ticket is not submitted then visitor rates will be charged for facility usage.

Employee Daily or Student

  1. When an Employee Daily or Student customer is redirected, they should use their garage access card. A white spitter ticket may be dispenced during entry.
  2. Upon exit the customer should surrender the  spitter ticket and if necessary pay the appropriate charge.

Re-Entry Ticket: Re-entry tickets are given to Pay Daily faculty, staff, and students who have parking privileges in another facility during the day but for various reasons would like to move their vehicle to another garage.

  1. Customer must first pay for parking at the first location.
    1. Staff or student that pay with a voucher will need to request a receipt.
  2. The cashier will check for:
    1. Valid Permit. (If you do not have a permit, the re-entry ticket is not valid.)
    2. Frequency. Daily parker is allowed one free re-entry privilege per day. Students are allowed multiple re-entry a Lexington garage.
    3. Date/Time of entry on spitter ticket. If before 4:00pm in “non-home” garage, customer must pay the visitor rate. There are no time restrictions on weekends
  3. The customer must legibly print name and permit number on white spitter ticket only if paying with a voucher.
  4. Only when paying by voucher under re-entry, will surrender the spitter ticket and the re-entry receipt.
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