Parking Procedures

Faculty and Staff Parking Request

Administration, Parking   |   Approved January 13, 2016


Request parking privileges as a faculty, part-time faculty or staff member at the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB).


Faculty, part-time faculty, and staff at the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) seeking parking privileges on a monthly basis through UMB Parking and Transportation Services. 

Depending on your eligibility there are several ways parking fees may be assessed.  This can be in the form of a payroll deduction.  It may also depend on your employment status as a part-time faulty or house staff.  Please speak to your Parking Liaison or the Cashier’s Office if you need clarification.


Payroll deduction: University employees who are paid through the state of Maryland and park on campus will receive the pre-tax benefit, which decreases your taxable income and reduces your tax liability. Savings depend on your deduction amount and tax bracket.

  1. To enroll in payroll deduction, contact your parking liaison
  2. If approved then submit  a completed application provided by the parking liaison to the Cashier’s Office at the SMC Campus Center, Lower Level, Room 002.
  3. Allow 10 days for processing.
  4. Once processed the current deduction rate will be deducted from your paycheck.
  5. Display permit from rearview mirror.

Part-time Faculty Permits: The Part-time faculty member must work three days or less in a week.

  1. Fill out parking application from your department.  Be aware that these forms may vary from department to department.
  2. Based on approval from your department, the Cashier’s Office issues part-time faculty permits every semester.
  3. Once approved, faculty will need to personally pick up their permit from the Cashier’s Office at the SMC Lower Level, Room 002 and show one-card or government issued identification.
  4. Display permit from rearview mirror.
  5. UMB One Cards need to be linked to the system.
    1. If your one card is not set up with a debit or credit card, a ticket will be dispensed upson entry.
    2. If you one card is set up with a debit or credit card, your card will be charged upon exit.
    3. If you do not possess funds upon exit, you will be billed the visitor rate.
  6. Daily rates start at 2:55 a.m.
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