Parking Procedures

Automatic Vehicle Identification

Administration, Parking   |   Approved February 15, 2021


To assist monthly parkers at the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) when entering and exiting the Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI) equipped facilities.


To assist monthly parkers that are entering and exiting a facility by providing a parking credential that can be read through the vehicle’s windshield. Applies to all monthly permit holders in possession of an AVI hangtag or other AVI credential.


On entry, AVI permit holders need to:

  1. Make sure the AVI permit is properly displayed from the rear view mirror, sun visor, or other approved location.
  2. Pull up to the ticket dispenser.
  3. Wait for the gate to raise.
  4. Proceed through the open gate.
  5. Leave the AVI permit visible through the windshield while parked.

On exit, AVI permit holders need to:

  1. Pull up to the cashier booth or exit access card reader.
  2. Wait for the gate to rise.
  3. Proceed through the open gate.

NOTE: Unlike the University One Card or white parking proximity cards, there is no need to put the vehicle’s driver side window down or to ‘swipe’ the AVI credential.

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