UMB Multicultural Center Taskforce

A taskforce was created in fall 2018 to explore the possibility of creating a "multicultural center" at UMB. The task force formed due to feedback expressed by students to Dr. Perman and Dr. Ward regarding strategies and resources that could enhance the campus climate for diverse students. 

Recommendations will be composed based on feedback from the taskforce and the campus community regarding the focus and structure of a "multicultural center" at UMB based on our unique needs and strengths as a campus. 

Multicultural centers within higher education have historically used an intersectional and inclusive approach in offering programming and services that seek to create a welcoming campus climate where all students can thrive. Multicultural centers often collaborate with other units to assist in supporting under-represented students and to enhance the learning of all students on a campus. An institution's history, institutional type, and geographic region should inform the focus of a multicultural center.

Students, faculty, and staff are invited to submit feedback by Jan. 1, 2019. You also can contact the committee co-chairs to schedule a time to discuss your feedback or to request that we collect feedback at a future meeting for your student organization or unit. 

In addition, students can contact the co-chairs to express interest in participating in a student work group. 

Contact Patty Alvarez, PhD, assistant vice president of student affairs, at with any questions.

Multicultural Center Survey — Fall 2018