Client Toolkit


Initial Meeting
To begin a new publication, you should schedule a meeting by calling 410-706-7820. (If your publication is a revision of a project previously done through the Communications Department, see the section on "Revisions" that follows.)

In preparation for the initial meeting meeting, you should:

  • Decide the purpose and audience for your publication
  • Determine your expectations for your finished piece. If possible, bring sample publications that are similar to your project
  • Determine your budget, along with quantity, delivery and packing instructions, and date needed.

Scheduling a meeting early in the process will help ensure the timely completion of your project.

Time Frame
Because all publications are different, the time needed to produce them also varies. Generally, you should allow at least eight weeks to produce a new publication. After the initial meeting, you will receive a detailed production schedule.


For a revision, please provide a copy of the last updated printed version of the publication with corrections clearly marked—provided that the corrections are no more than a word or two per paragraph. If the changes are more extensive, make them on a per-paragraph basis. In the copy of the previous publication that you submit, x-out or highlight the paragraph with the correction and submit the complete paragraph containing the correction on diskette or Zip disk.

All manuscripts are reviewed for clarity, grammar, punctuation, accuracy of general University information, and consistency of style, following OEA's Editorial Style Guide. Hard copies of this guide may be obtained by calling us at 410-706-7336.

Our editorial goal is to ensure that your message is clear, non-repetitive, easy to read, accurate, and effective.

We provide quality writing services for a variety of publications. This includes feature writing, research and science reporting, development writing, creating tag lines for brochures and catalogs, and writing for Web sites.

All manuscript and text must be approved for publication before moving to the design stage. Extensive changes later may cause delays in production.

After your manuscript has been approved, it is turned over to the design team. Using the information that you provide at your initial meeting, the designer will create a proposed layout of your publication for your approval. This concept will take into consideration the audience for the publication, quantity, and the funds and time available for the production of the publication. The layout will indicate the proposed size, format, any photography or illustrations used, and the ink colors and paper stock. It will also conform to University graphic standards in the use of the University logo and other typographical elements.


Cost Estimates/Prices
Once quantity, content, and design elements are determined, we can supply an estimated printing and imaging cost for the publication. This is not a guaranteed price, particularly if any of the specifications used in determining the estimates are revised substantially (i.e., quantity needed, number of ink colors used, or paper stock). Any publication central to the mission of the University (such as student recruitment) carries no fee for staff time, but the client is responsible for vendor costs.

The publications team will contract with and supervise a commercial vendor, in accordance with University purchasing guidelines. This may include obtaining bids from several potential vendors. The price quoted by the winning bidder will then be the price you pay for printing the publication if it matches exactly the specifications used in obtaining the bid. Changes to final proofs, additional copies, and other revisions will affect the final price.

Press Approval
Our staff will review all bluelines and composite color proofs (if applicable) and will subsequently attend a press check on your behalf.

Mailhouse services are also provided, if needed. We will help you coordinate labeling and mailing.

Your publication will be delivered to on- or off-campus locations according to your specifications.