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Maryland magazine is published by Office of Communications and Public Affairs for alumni and friends of the dental, graduate, law, medical, nursing, pharmacy, and social work schools.

Current Issue

2012 Maryland Magazine Cover

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2012 Maryland magazine
Published: January 2012
Focus: Collaboration

  • Obesity Summit
  • Teaming Up
  • Pharmacy Partners
  • Malawi Mission
  • Protecting The Brain, Together
  • Man Behind The Carey Name
  • UM Nursing: A Partnership to Optimize Health Outcomes
  • Benefiting From Business Law, IP
  • Vote & Vax
  • Sleep Studies Are An Awakening
  • Teamwork Propels IHV Vaccine Quest
  • Seed Grants Grow Research
  • Formalizing Interprofessional Education
  • Experts Unite In Oral Health Fight
  • UM Heads U.S.-Europe Stroke Study
  • BioPark: Center to Community
  • Proton Center To Be A Leap Forward

Previous Issues

2011 Maryland Magazine Cover

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2011 Maryland magazine
Published: January 2011
Focus: Global Outreach

  • Coming to Haiti's Rescue
  • Helping Others Is the Law for SOL Students
  • CLUB UMD Mentors Neighbors
  • Simplifying the Complexities of HIV
  • Making Home An Option For Mentally Ill Children
  • Worldwide Reach
  • Dental School Fills A Need In Cecil County
  • HS/HSL Is More Than A LIbrary
  • President With A Plan
  • Dr. Joe O'Neill: Placing UM on the World Stage
  • Violence Intervention Program Saved Lives At Risk
  • Pharmacists' 'Sugar Buddies' Are Sweet Success
  • Social Work Program Connects With Family Program
  • School of Nursing STEPS It Up With Seniors
  • Mini-Med School Is Big Plus
  • BioPark Thrives 5 Years After Opening

2010 Maryland Magazine Cover

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2010 Maryland magazine
Published: January 2010
Focus: Innovation

  • Center for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine
  • P3 Program Gives Diabetics a Helping Hand
  • Child Welfare Advocates Making Progress
  • Leading the Way in Ethics and Service at Law School
  • Improving the Lives of Millions
  • Tailwind Promotes Stroke Recovery
  • Passion for Public Health and Oral Health Care
  • An HIV/AIDS African Success Story Comes to Baltimore
  • Nursing Makes Advances in Palliative Care Research
  • Computer-Aided Drug Design Center Unravels Questions
  • Genomics and Translational Medicine
  • New Law Dean Brings Creative Thinking
  • Nursing School Leads in Breast Cancer Education
  • CVD Works to Eradicate Childhood Killer
  • UM BioPark Adds to Winning Formula
  • Southern Management Corporation Campus Center
  • Building the Future Through Planned Giving

2009 Maryland Magazine Cover

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2009 Maryland magazine
Published: January 2009
Focus: Translational Research

  • Unlocking the Key to Autoimmune Disease
  • Pharmacy Faculty Share Their Expertise at CPU
  • Helping Families Cope With Trauma
  • Law School Educates Visionary Leaders
  • Nurses Offer Heartfelt Hope to Rural Hospitals
  • Bringing Smiles to Cecil County
  • Raising a Gavel for Women's Equality
  • School of Pharmacy: Putting a Price on Prevention
  • Improving the Quality of Life for Hip Patients
  • Pushing for Real Solutions to Nursing Shortage
  • Injecting Hope Into Tissue Engineering
  • Opening the Door to Personalized Medicine
  • Initiating Enterprise at the BioPark
  • Mixing It Up at the Campus Center
  • Capital Campaign: One Gift at a Time

2008 Maryland Magazine Cover

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2008 Maryland Magazine
Published: January 2008
Focus: Making An Impact Worldwide

  • This (World) Court is in Session
  • Before an Emergency, CHHS Comes to the Rescue
  • An Infant Revolution in India
  • Saving Maryland’s Children
  • Dental School Researchers Lead Efforts to Eradicate Noma
  • New Hope for Stroke Victims
  • Training Nurses to Treat HIV Overseas
  • Collaboration is Key for New Dea n
  • Teamwork is Right Prescription for Thailand and School of Pharmacy
  • Treating Trauma Along the Nile
  • Carrying a Global Torch at the Dental School
  • The UMB BioPark: A Five-Year Perspective
  • University of Maryland, Baltimore Celebrates 200 Years
  • UMB Launches $650 Million Capital Campaign

2009 Maryland Magazine Cover

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2007 Maryland magazine
Published: January 2007
Focus: Making An Impact for 200 Years

  • Building the Future of Dentistry
  • Minimally Invasive Surgery Techniques
  • School of Medicine Enters the "Reece" Era
  • Taking Environmental Law to the Limit
  • Putting Patients First: Clinical Nurse Leaders
  • Nursing School Offers Practice-Focused Doctorate
  • Child Services Expert Is New Dean of Social Work
  • Mental Health Services for African-American Youth
  • Maryland Poison Center Is Everyone's Resource
  • Breast Cancer Research Leads Quiet Revolution
  • New Frontiers in Dental Research and Education
  • Genetic Testing in the Courtroom
  • Targeting the Effects of Mass Radiation
  • School of Public Health Addresses Diverse Populations
  • UMB BioPark Flourishes
  • Nanomedicine Center Links to Pharmaceutical Company
  • UMB Timeline

2006 Maryland Magazine Cover

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2006 Maryland magazine
Published: January 2006
Focus: Trauma Pods

  • Saving Lives by Remote Control
  • Law School Clinic Rights Wrongs
  • Katrina: UMB Answers the Call to Service
  • Institute Attracts Nurse Educators
  • UMB BioPark Launches New Era in Biotechnology
  • Japanese Partners in BioScience Research
  • Mini-Med School Creates a Healthier Community
  • Laughter is Good Medicine for the Heart
  • Linking Social Work and Law
  • IHV-Nigeria Battles AIDS
  • Fighting Facial Gangrene in Africa
  • Discovering Treatments and Therapies Through Corporate Collaborations
  • Nanomedicine: Collaborative Center Targets the Tiniest of Therapies
  • WHO/PAHO Helps the World Combat Mental Illness
  • MBRC Searches for Cures to Autoimmune Diseases
  • Digital Age Brings Advances to Students and Patients at Dental School
  • Mediation Keeps Families and Clients Out of Court
  • Maryland AHECS Bring Care to Underserved Areas
  • Maryland Covering Kids: Health Coverage for All

2005 Maryland Magazine Cover

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2005 Maryland magazine
Published: January 2005
Focus: Pain Research Reveals New Treatments

  • Understanding Pain
  • Cardiac Surgeons Perform Innovative Heart Transplant
  • Fighting to Save Lives in Africa
  • Medical Malpractice
  • HSF II Technology Combats Disease
  • Responding to Bioterrorism and Battle Wounds
  • Life On (and Off) Welfare
  • The Art and Science of Palliative Care
  • School of Nursing Launches Maryland's First Nurse Anesthesia Program
  • Clinical Law Program Serves Up Justice for the Underserved
  • Osteoarthritis Study
  • Healthy Smiles From a Precious Metal
  • Your Spitting Image
  • UMB BioPark Comes to Life
  • School of Nursing's Clinical Enterprise Initiative
  • Real Solutions to Counterfeit Drugs
  • Yana Takes Social Work to the Streets

2004 Maryland Magazine Cover

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2004 Maryland magazine
Published: January 2004
Focus: Jaws of Life

  • Jaws of Life
  • Blood Vessels Key to Cancer Growth
  • Research Park
  • School of Medicine Receives Record Biodefense Grant
  • Endodontic Residency Program Benefits Students and Patients
  • Clinical Simulation Labs
  • Health Sciences Facility II Opens
  • Technology Propels Field of Social Work
  • Robot Improves Patient Safety and Pharmacy Practice
  • Legal Help for Inventors

2003 Maryland Magazine Cover

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2003 Maryland magazine
Published: January 2003
Focus: It Takes A Village

  • The Miracle of Modern Medicine
  • Chance Meeting Leads to Collaborative Cancer Research
  • The Genetics of Longevity
  • Michael Greenberger Leads Center for Health and Homeland Security
  • Wellmobile Brings Health Care to the Underserved
  • Social Work is Good Medicine for Cancer Survivors
  • Rx Savings for Seniors
  • Dental Fellows Bring Care to the Needy
  • GCRC Broadens Research Access for Investigators
  • Discrimination Hinders Health Care Access

2002 Maryland Magazine Cover

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2002 Maryland magazine
Published: January 2002
Focus: Beyond Limits

  • Beyond Limits
  • New Center Bolsters School of Medicine Research Agenda
  • School of Social Work to Families in West Baltimore
  • Giving Back to the Community
  • Improving Access to Oral Health Care
  • Dual Degress, Multiple Paths
  • Value Extends Beyond Campus Boundaries
  • Founders Week