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Maintain Don't Gain

Maintain Don't Gain 2018


Throughout the Holiday breaks in November and Dember the average person puts on a few pounds. Join our program to hold yourself accountable this holiday season by moving more and eating smart! 

To sign up and weigh-in, you come to URecFit and ask the fitness assistant that is on the fitness floor to weigh you in. You must weigh in here on our scale and we are weighing without shoes on. Once you have been weighed the staff will ask for your name, email and they will record your weight. 

To be eligible for a prize you must weigh in and out here at URecFit. You can come to weigh in or out anytime the facility is open.

For more information, contact Jimmy Mszanski, the Assistant Director of Fitness, at


Challenge yourself to be within 1 pound from your starting weigh-in to your final weigh out. Prizes awarded for winners.


Weigh-in November 11 - 21

Weigh-out January 2 - 15

Women on Weights

Are you intimidated by the free weights and machines? Allow our certified instructors and trainers to help you with learning the basics of weight training. This program will teach you:

  • How to safely use strength equipment.
  • Basic strength training technique.
  • The benefits of weight training.
  • How to prepare and use weight training programs to meet your goals.
  • Creative ways to train each muscle and stay healthy using free weights!

The program begins Oct. 25 and will end Nov. 27. The program schedule is going to be every Thursday at 5:15 p.m. on the MAC Court in Pratt Gym. With the exception of Nov. 27, all classes will be on Thursdays. 

You can sign up at our Business Desk at URecFit. Registration closes on Thursday, Nov. 1.

Registration costs $40 for students, $50 for members, and $100 for eligible non-members

For more information, email