Office of International Services (OIS) Procedures

TN Sponsorship

Human Resources, Office of International Services   |   Approved November 9, 2015


Hire or retain faculty and highly specialized scientific staff.


University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) departments may hire qualified Canadian and Mexican citizens (not permanent residents) seeking temporary entry into the United States to engage in business activities at a professional level. The TN visa may be used for non-tenure track faculty, scholar fellows, and staff positions requiring at least a bachelor’s degree.

Status may be granted for an initial period of up to three (3) years, and may be extended indefinitely in three-year increments.


  1. Determine employment status:
    1. For individuals not currently employed by UMB, conduct recruitment as required by university policy and issue an offer letter to the prospective employee.
    2. For scholar fellows and faculty, submit paperwork requesting an academic appointment to the appropriate office in your school.
  2. Contact OIS with a job description and a copy of the resume/CV of the prospective employee to determine whether TN eligibility criteria are met.
  3. If eligible, OIS will provide a sample TN letter to the requesting department for completion.
    1. The department will finalize the letter, print on university letterhead, and receive signatures of the department chair or supervisor of the TN employee.
    2. The original letter should be provided to the TN employee along with the Instructions to TN employees.
    3. Copies of the letter should be retained by the department and OIS.
  4. To acquire status:
    1. TN employees outside the U.S. will acquire TN status at the border.
    2. TN employees currently in the U.S., either as TN employees or another non-immigrant status, may acquire/extend TN status by:
      1. Traveling outside the U.S. and seeking readmission at the border, or
      2. TN status may be acquired/extended by filing Form I-129 with U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services (consult with the Director of OIS regarding this process).
  5.  Contact OIS directly to inquire about an extension.
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