Row of Graduates

  • Office of the Registrar

    The mission of the Office of the Registrar is to provide accurate and up to date information in a friendly and timely manner to prospective and current students as well as alumni, staff, faculty, employers, state and federal agencies.

The Office of the Registrar produces transcripts and degree/enrollment verifications for students and alumni, administers the residency policy, oversees campus-wide registration and grading, produces and distributes diplomas.


  • We are no longer accepting residency petitions for the spring 2014 term. The deadline for submitting a spring 2014 residency petition was January 21, 2014. This deadline was extended to January 22 due to the campus closure on January 21.

Graduating Spring 2014? 

The deadline to file a Diploma/Certificate Application for Spring 2014 is February 9, 2014.  To file a Diploma or Certificate Application login to SURFS you can find the application in the Student Records area.