Work Groups

Each work group is a diverse, interdisciplinary collaboration of faculty, staff, students, and others working on one of the strategic planning themes. These groups will be responsible for providing a high-level summary of our University’s current expertise as it relates to each theme, and identify opportunities and key challenges we face over the next five to 10 years. They also will recommend initiatives by which we can provide innovative solutions to meet these challenges.

Achieve pre-eminence as an innovator in our missions of education, research, clinical care, and public service.

  • Curt Civin, MD, CO-CHAIR
    Associate Dean for Research
    Director, Center for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine
    Professor of Pediatrics
    School of Medicine
  • Thomas McHugh, CO-CHAIR
    Program Director, GPILS
    School of Medicine
  • Kathryn Montgomery, PhD, CO-CHAIR
    Associate Dean, Strategic Partnerships and Initiatives
    School of Nursing
  • Carroll Trotman, BDS, CO-CHAIR
    Associate Dean, Office of Academic Affairs
    Dental School
  • Clinical Care Work Group
  • Education Work Group
  • Public Service Work Group
  • Research Work Group

Create a culture of diversity, inclusion, transparency, and accountability.

  • Judith Porter DDS, EdD, CO-CHAIR
    Director, Student Counseling, Division of General Dentistry
    Dental School
  • Roger Ward, EdD, JD, MPA, CO-CHAIR
    Associate Vice President, Academic and Student Affairs
    Office of Academic Affairs
  • Work Group

Excel at interprofessionalism in education, research, clinical care, and public service.

  • Meredith Bond, PhD, CO-CHAIR
    Chair, Department of Physiology
    School of Medicine
  • Louise Michaux Gonzales, JD, CO-CHAIR
    Member, Board of Regents
    University System of Maryland
  • Donna Harrington, PhD, CO-CHAIR
    School of Social Work
  • Diane Hoffmann, JD, CO-CHAIR
    Associate Dean and Professor
    School of Law
  • James Leoni, MS, CO-CHAIR
    Associate Vice President and Deputy CIO
    Center for Information Technology Services
  • Anais Taboas, CO-CHAIR
    Student Leader
    School of Law
  • Work Group

Develop local and global initiatives that address critical issues.

  • Heather Boulanger, CO-CHAIR
    School of Nursing
  • Jane Lipscomb, PhD, CO-CHAIR
    Professor, Department of Family and Community Health
    School of Nursing
  • Joseph O'Neill, MD, CO-CHAIR
    Director, Global Health Initiatives
    Office of Research and Development
  • Work Group

Be an economic driver through entrepreneurial business development and philanthropy.

  • Teresa LaMaster, JD, CO-CHAIR
    Associate Dean, Planning and External Affairs
    School of Law
  • Peter Swaan, PhD, CO-CHAIR
    Professor and Director, Center for Nanomedicine and Cellular Delivery
    Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
    School of Pharmacy
  • William T. Wood, CO-CHAIR
    UMB Foundation, Inc.
    Board of Trustees
  • Work Group

Create a responsible and enduring financial model for the University.

  • William Cooper, MBA, CO-CHAIR
    Senior Associate Dean, Administration and Finance
    School of Pharmacy
  • John Geiman, MPA, CO-CHAIR
    Associate Vice President, Budget and Finance
    Office of Administration and Finance
  • Louisa Peartree, MBA, CO-CHAIR
    Associate Dean, Finance and Business Affairs and Chief Financial Officer
    School of Medicine
  • Work Group

Create a dynamic university community.

  • Angela Fowler-Young, MRP, CO-CHAIR
    Director, Office of Capital Budget and Planning
  • Brian Sturdivant, MSW, CO-CHAIR
    Director, Community Affairs
    Office of External Affairs
  • Antonio Williams, MS, CO-CHAIR
    Chief, Public Safety
  • Work Group