Planning Sub-Committee Membership Listing

Theme: Achieve Pre-Eminence as an Innovator in Our Missions of Education, Research, Clinical Care, and Public Service (Public Service)

Joshua Agee
Pharmacy Student

Angelina Battaglia, MS
Program Director, Office of Medical Education
School of Medicine

W. Jonathan Lederer, MD/PhD
Professor and Director, BioMET
School of Medicine

Christopher Lemon
Medical Student

Mark Macek, DDS, DrPH
Associate Professor, Division of Health Services Resources
Dental School

Geoffrey Rosenthal, MD
Professor and Head, Department of Pediatrics
School of Medicine

Rosemarie Satyshur, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor, Department of Family and Community Health
School of Nursing

Derek Spencer, MS, CRNP
Program Director, JACQUES Initiative
Institute of Human Virology

Mark Wilson
Social Work Student