Strategic Planning Committee

The Strategic Planning Committee is charged by Dr. Perman and the University’s Executive Committee, with the creation of a strategic plan. The planning committee has embraced seven high-level themes that have been identified as major areas of focus for the University of Maryland, and are committed to developing an innovative, forward-thinking plan to ensure that the University reaches its full potential as a leader in higher education, research, service, and community engagement.

Peter Gilbert, CO-CHAIR

Peter Gilbert, CO-CHAIR
Vice President, Planning and Accountability

Stephen T. Bartlett

Stephen T. Bartlett, MD, CO-CHAIR
Chair, Department of Surgery
School of Medicine

Meredith Bond, Ph.D.

Meredith Bond, PhD
Chair, Department of Physiology
School of Medicine

Heather Boulanger (Student Leader)
School of Nursing

Curt I. Civin, M.D.

Curt Civin, MD
Associate Dean, Research
Director, Center for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine
Professor, Department of Pediatrics
School of Medicine

William Cooper, M.B.A.

William Cooper, MBA
Senior Associate Dean, Administration and Finance
School of Pharmacy

Angela L. Fowler-Young

Angela Fowler-Young, MRP
Director, Office of Capital Budget and Planning

John E. Geiman

John Geiman, MPA
Associate Vice President, Budget and Finance
Office of Administration and Finance

Louise Michaux Gonzales, JD
Member, Board of Regents
University System of Maryland

Donna L. Harrington, Ph.D.

Donna Harrington, PhD
School of Social Work

Diane E. Hoffmann, J.D.

Diane Hoffmann, JD
Associate Dean and Professor
School of Law

Teresa Lamaster, J.D.

Teresa LaMaster, JD
Associate Dean, Planning and External Affairs
School of Law

Jane Lipscomb, PhD

Jane Lipscomb, PhD
Professor, Department of Family and Community Health
School of Nursing

Thomas J. McHugh, B.S.

Thomas McHugh
Program Director, GPILS
School of Medicine

Kathryn L. Montgomery, Ph.D.

Kathryn Montgomery, PhD
Associate Dean, Strategic Partnerships and Initiatives
School of Nursing

Joseph O'Neill, M.D.

Joseph O'Neill, MD
Director, Global Health Initiatives
Office of Research and Development

Louisa Peartree, MBA

Louisa Peartree, MBA
Associate Dean, Finance and Business Affairs and Chief Financial Officer
School of Medicine

Judith A. Porter, D.D.S.

Judith Porter DDS, EdD
Director, Student Counseling, Division of General Dentistry
Dental School

Jeffrey A. Rivest, CEO

Jeffrey A. Rivest, CEO
University of Maryland Medical Center

Brian Sturdivant, M.S.Brian Sturdivant, MSW
Director, Community Affairs
Office of External Affairs
Peter W. Swaan, Ph.D.Peter Swaan, PhD
Professor and Director, Center for Nanomedicine and Cellular Delivery
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences
School of Pharmacy

Anais Taboas (Student Leader)
School of Law

Carroll A. Trotman

Carroll Trotman, BDS
Associate Dean, Office of Academic Affairs
Dental School

Roger J. Ward, Ed.D., J.D.

Roger Ward, EdD, JD, MPA
Associate Vice President, Academic and Student Affairs
Office of Academic Affairs

Antonio Williams

Antonio Williams, MS
Chief, Public Safety

William T. Wood

William T. Wood
UMB Foundation, Inc.
Board of Trustees

Staff to Committee and Process

Rebecca Bell, MA
Research Analyst
Office of Academic Affairs

Dina Boogaard, PhD
Senior Consultant

Betsy Hostetler, PhD
Senior Consultant

Laura Kozak, MA
Assistant Vice President, Communications and Public Affairs
Communications and Public Affairs

Gregory Spengler, MPA
Assistant Vice President, Office of Institutional Research and Planning
Office of Academic Affairs