Progress Report

Nov. 14, 2013

Strategic plan funding for Fiscal Year 2014 (July 1, 2013, through June 30, 2014) recently was approved with the Executive Implementation Committee (EIC) allotting $500,000 in one-time funds and $600,000 in recurring funds. When this $1.1 million is added to the $1 million in recurring funds that were part of the FY13 first round of funding, a total of $2.1 million is being invested into strategic plan initiatives this year.

The strategic plan includes 134 tactics — measurable steps meant to put the plan into action. In FY13, 61 tactics were selected to go forward, 15 of which received funding. In FY14, 19 new tactics were selected by the EIC to move forward. Of those, 12 required no funding. Four involved one-time funding, while five received recurring funding. Two of those tactics received both one-time and recurring funding. An overview of the FY14 tactics that were approved is available here.

Please do not think that the neutral tactics that did not require funding are not important. All of the themes, goals, and tactics are an essential part of this overarching document that will shape our University for the next decade.

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Oct. 8, 2013

Work groups for each of the nine themes and four fundamental elements of the strategic plan provided annual updates through June 30, 2013. These “narratives” include each group’s goals, Fiscal Year 2013 progress, key challenges, and anticipated Fiscal Year 2014 outcomes. There are also overviews of each area’s tactics, milestones, funding, timeline, and more, called “dashboards.” Click to read these narratives and dashboards of each work group’s efforts.

Feb. 21, 2013

The following document is a summary of funding that was approved in Fiscal Year 2013 for the themes and the fundamental elements of the 2011-2016 University of Maryland Strategic Plan Redefining Collaboration. The Executive Implementation Committee approved $1.25 million in one-time University expenditures related to the strategic plan and $1 million in recurring expenditures.

Each of the strategic plan themes and each of the fundamental elements are broken down into goals, with tactics created to achieve those goals. In all, 59 tactics were approved to move forward for Fiscal Year 2013. Of the 59, 44 are neutral, or were deemed no funds required, 10 tactics received one-time funding and eight tactics received recurring funding. Please do not think that the 44 tactics that did not require funding are not important. All the goals and tactics are an essential part of this overarching document that will direct our University for the next five years and shape it for the next 10. We look forward to the progress of these transformative initiatives in the years to come.

The administration would like to express its sincere thanks to all the implementation team members whose thoughtful recommendations were considered by the Executive Implementation Committee. Fiscal Year 2014 will see funding provided for additional goals and tactics. We hope you share our enthusiasm as the implementation phase of the strategic plan moves forward, and the themes and goals of our collaborative document move off the page into the schools, centers, and fabric of our evolving University.

Implementation Summary Report - FY 2013