Westside/UniverCity Partnership

The UniverCity Partnership is the vision of the Mayor and the President of the University of Maryland to phase in a mixed-use, mixed-income neighborhood on downtown’s west side. Lexington Market is the Mayor and Dr. Perman’s top west side priority because the UniverCity Partnership task force expressed a strong desire to reposition it. Everyone wants the Market to continue to serve its loyal customers and to attract a new following from the University community, downtown workers and regional visitors. In order to reposition the iconic market, it was essential to gain an understanding of what the University community likes about the Market and its environs, and how the Market area needs to improve in order to win back UMB students, faculty and staff.

To that end, UMB, the Mayor’s Office, and the UMB Student Government Association created this survey tool in the summer of 2012. Casey Brent, a Masters Student in the UMB School of Social Work, administered the surveys online and analyzed the data. More than 10% of students, faculty, medical personnel and staff from UMMS, UMB, Biopark and the Medical Center participated (nearly 1800 total surveys were completed).

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