President's Outreach Council

Formed January, 2008 under the auspices of the President's Office.


To provide enriched educational, health, and career experiences and opportunities for community children through a coordinated partnership of UMB with local community schools. The Council is expected to foster more interdisciplinary collaboration in outreach efforts to strengthen the social impact of UMB in the local community, create many enduring positive relationships, and engender future Maryland leaders.


The Council initially will partner with select community schools in West Baltimore -- Vivien T. Thomas High School, Southwest Baltimore Charter School, and George Washington Elementary School – to help meet identified needs of children and their families.

The Council will:

  • Assist the schools with navigating the extensive network of UMB outreach resources available to enrich the children’s experiences.
  • Serve as the primary point of contact to support each community school’s “action plan” (developed by the school coordinator based on an annual assessment of needs and resources).
  • Encourage interdisciplinary collaboration within UMB to better leverage and link campus outreach services with identified needs.
  • Mobilize campus resources to support local community schools.
  • Determine appropriate ways to demonstrate the success of targeted outreach efforts.
  • Expand partnerships to other community schools, as resources permit.

Individual Council Member Charge

  • Serve as a primary link to and contact for outreach services within the school/ office.
  • Lead efforts within school/office to foster desired outreach services.

Expected/Potential Outcomes

  • Enhance community partnerships through increased access to UMB outreach services.
  • Improve outcomes for local community students.
  • Enhance effectiveness of UMB outreach programs through interdisciplinary collaborations.
  • Identify educational placements/learning opportunities for UMB students.
  • Attract more volunteers to serve in the community.
  • Heighten visibility of UMB outreach services.
  • Create “value-added” for UMB and the UMB BioPark.
  • Create better opportunities to generate funding support for outreach services.

Council Membership

Faculty, staff, and students who actively engage in and promote outreach efforts, particularly for the West Baltimore community. Local community school representatives also participate in Council meetings.